Playground of Crosshairs


Arc of Sonia Balassanian’s work since late seventies has been a sort of immersion in the world of protest and emotions of dissent and political commentary through art. Since early eighties her pieces have always leaned, prodded and pushed against inflexible political ideology. Her installations and video art have tried to focus on creating a forum where notions of injustice, identity and gender can find voice against the Goliath of political, economic and religious oppression and aggression.
Her current project is a continuation of these themes and, hopefully, an expansion upon them. Borders and gates are erratically opened and closed to people who seek refuge or better life. However there is the mass of people who are chronically captive of situations beyond their control, and have no way of going forward or back. They are stuck. Powers to be invade their private premises, their homes, their towns and their country and turn them into rubbles and ashes. Inhabitants have no choice but to submit, because they are either psychologically or physically trapped, they do not have the means of taking refuge and escaping to the “better life”.
People’s livelihood has become indiscriminate target of the crosshairs of arrogance and cruelty of self- appointed masters.