Experience of dynamics between sounds of words in poetry and moving images. The work deals with three languages, all expressing the same meaning in different languages, in different sounds... The short poem selected is of Zorayr Mirzaian.

It is an endlessly stretched “chain” of sounds (words), which leave impression of a continuing state of a tragedy, in a time without apparent significance, of people who are not known... A seemingly unending global condition of suffering and endurance in the face of death, destruction and hardship... A political statement? May be. A social commentary? A state of mind...?


In the year one thousand five hundred fifty five,
they died A woman a man and a child
A fifty year old woman and a man and a child fifty months old
In the year one thousand five hundred fifty five
They died fifteen hundred and fifty five times
A woman, a man and a child...

Zorayr Mirzaian