Collapse of Illusions, 2000

Collapse of Illusions is a further step in the process of evolution of my work. By this work I attempted to explore the possibilities of combining video with live performance within installations, a logical extension of my practice over the last ten years into a more urgent incarnation. I started taking my art to the social environment and introducing audience/public participation. I feel that over the past few years I have reached a point in my career where the different avenues formerly explored in my work are simultaneously converging and opening up into a space where I can work with larger issues on a larger scale than ever before.
The work was a one-time event with a beginning and an end, like a performing piece. Installations and performing pieces of eleven artists and scores of performers, including several of mine, were installed in the gigantic spaces of the Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (“NPAK” in Armenian acronym) in Yerevan, Capital of Armenia. At a specified time the audience was let in and walked through the performances and installations, while my videos of “The Artist….”, “Stoning”, “Sifting the Rice”, “The Eye….” on monitors and a giant screen accompanied them and “interlaced” throughout the event.
Intimately personal feelings, some with strong political connotations, some totally abstract, yet, others with vaguely suggestive themes, accompanied the public. Performers and artists mingled in the audience, interacting with them.
The encompassing theme of the piece was inner personal aspirations and feelings—illusions—juxtaposed with hard and bitter realities of life, death, loss, and frustration—collaps.

CREDITS Written, Designed and directed by Sonia Balassanian Video Arts: Shot and edited by Sonia Balassanian Participating Artists: Sona Abgarian Diana Hagopian Stepan Veranian Gagik Ghazareh Karine Matsakian Davit Kareyan Hamlet Hovsepian Shake Petrossian Nora Badalian NPAK Experimental Theater Group “Incest” Rock Band